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Engineers Club Video Gallery

Welcome to the Engineers Club of Dayton video gallery — an area that we will keep up-to-date with the latest Club videos. Everything from facility tours to Barn Gang lectures will be kept here for your viewing pleasure.

These videos will offer the first TWO MINUTES of the filmed event as a sample. It allows you to see the guest speaker and hear what the lecture is about. Full members can click the links to continue on to the complete videos and enjoy the materials.

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Members can click the links below, enter their passwords and access the FULL VIDEOS for each event.

The Engineers Club of Dayton

Space X - Jerry Black

The Lincoln Highway - Neil Webster

Isotope Enrichment - Bob Ellefson​

Voice of America - Lee Hite

Floating Tents - Ethan Smith

The ECD and the Kettering BUG

Charles F. Kettering History

Ohio UAS Presentation

2019 Kettering BUG Award

Dayton History - Brady Kress

Bob Grant - Punch Above Weight Class

Around the World with Terry Nells

Channeling Deeds & Kettering

DNA Mathematics & Computers

Dard Hunter, Handmade Paper & Books

Matt Sauer, Repurposing Buildings

Hap Cawood, The City of Totinuacan

Hap Cawood, The City of Tenochitlan

Mike Brown, Artificial Intelligence

Chuck Martel, Chatauqua

Jim Charters, Dayton Codebreakers

Dayton Peace Museum

John, Charles, James, Orville and Wilbur

Neil Webster, WWII Operations

Roger Brucker, The Longest Cave

Neil Webster, Barcelona

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