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Engineers Club Videos, 2020

Welcome to the Engineers Club of Dayton video gallery — an area that we will keep up-to-date with the latest Club videos. Everything from facility tours to Barn Gang lectures will be kept here for your viewing pleasure.

These videos will offer the first TWO MINUTES of the filmed event as a sample. It allows you to see the guest speaker and hear what the lecture is about. Full members can click the links to continue on to the complete videos and enjoy the materials.

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2019 Barn Gang Videos…

Recent Barn Gang Videos

EXCLUSIVE Full Length Video - Providential America by Dan Stevens

Historic Carillon Park

Political and Social Aspects of the Hoover Dam, Ron Helms

The Great Dayton Flood of 1913 by Kevin Reisner

New Semiconductor FABs in the USA by Robert Ellefson

WACO History by Nancy Roye

F-106 Ejection Seat Problem by Walt Hoy

Hyphen Innovations by Dr. Onome Scott-Emuakpor

UAS and AAM Overview by Dr. Andrew D. Shepherd

The Flow Difference Sensor by Gavin Jenney

Modern Barge Industry Technology Pt.2 by Mark Carr

Ohio Cyber Reserve & Cyber Opportunities by Brian Kowal

Review of Scholarship on Abraham Lincoln by Ron Helm

Hopes and Challenges in the Food System by John Apesos

High-throughput Modification of Thin-film Materials for Sensor Applications & Beyond by Dr. Drake Austin

LLNL Fusion Lab by Bob Ellefson

Nickolas Tesla by Mike Browne

The Historic and Modern Barge Industry by Mark Carr

United States Space Force by Jim Mattice

Building the Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure by Chris McWhinney

Thomas French by Nick Engler

Medicare 101’ by Mary Leet-Pichert, OSHIIP

Club Update, by Marge Murphy, Club President

The Changing Role of America's Public Libraries by Kristi J. Hale

An Egg, a Toga, and a Boston Fire by Dan Stevens

Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem by Scott Corndyke

Hurricane Hunters by Colonel Matthew Muha

Polonium in the Playhouse by Linda Carrick Thomas

Protecting the Bird Feeder by Karl Ayers

Parallax Advanced Research, by Dennis Anders

Mistaken, Forgotten, Revived: A Painting’s Journey by Peter L. Doebler, Ph.D.

Ulysses S. Grant, The General: A Modern View

Drone Express, presented by Beth Flippo

The Earth's Carbon Cycle & ECOPIA Marine Ltd. by Lonnie D. Franks

The National Security Implications of Astroelectricity by Mike Snead, P.E.

Dematerialization: An Overview, presented by Mark J. Carr

Batteries: Fireproof Solutions, Inc., presented by Guy Gettle

Bitcoin, DeFi and the Reinvention of the Internet

Dayton, and how the world’s greatest intelligence sharing partnership began, presented by Andrew Lloyd

Connecting the Dots, Healthy Lifestyle, Som R. Soni, Phd

Age Related Macular Degeneration AMD, John Prikkel & Dennis Rediker

Mid-America Flight Museum, Doug Smith & Bill Knisely

Listening to Climate Change Fears & Worries, Mark J Carr

Clement Vallandigham, Lincoln’s Dayton Nemesis, Martin Gottlieb

Sinclair Community College, Dr. Tony Ponder, Provost

STEM Opportunities in Miamisburg Schools, Laura Blessing

DMA Computer Museum, Steve Frye

Benefits to Humankind from Engineering & Science Hall of Fame Pioneers - Communication, Robert E. Ellefson

Analogical Reasoning, Kara Combs

We Care Arts, Darlene Nelson

Architects For All Times, Steven H. Solomon

The Real-Time Revolution, Tom Ferratt

Airborne Lasers, Sal Cusunano

Dayton and the Canal, David Neuhardt

Alloys & Automobiles, Neil Webster

Saturn, Apollo and the Mission of Apollo 15, Stephen Frey

Barn Gang - State of Club, Steven W. Smith

F.B.I., Todd Lindgren

Foundations of Apollo, Stephen Frey

How Richard Nixon Changed My Life, Vic Mickunas

Esports & Virtual Reality Systems, Brian Kawol, PH.D., P.E.

Electric Vehicles, Tim Benford

College of Engineering & Computer Science, Michael Raymer, PH.D.

Gentelligence, Martin Gerhardt, PH.D.

City of Centerville, Pat Turnbull

From M=2 to M=25 to M=0.011, Frank D. Boensch

Graphene, Karl C. Ayers

Grand Eccentics, Mark Bernstein

UAS Training & Certification, Dr. Andrew Shepherd

Crumple Theory, Neil Webster

SolarWinds Cyber Hack, Brian W. Kowal Ph.D., P.E.

Lego Entrepreneur, Adam Mullins

Bioforensics, Dan Krane

Failure of American Aircraft

Neutrinos & New Physics

Eco Two Stroke Engine

Managing Critical Infrastructure

Dayton Development Coalition

Dayton Dept. of Water, Aaron Zonin

Chichenitza, Terry Nels

Building a Sustainability Program

Big Data & Business Analytics

Regional Economic Outlook

Our Place in History (Dayton VAMC)

Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Climate Change, Steve Fiorino

Dayton VA, Mark Murdock

Puzzle Making, Tom Lynch

Life Lessons of an Author, Shuly Cawood

2020 Barn Gang Videos

Hap Cawood, The City of Totinuacan

Hap Cawood, The City of Tenochitlan

Mike Brown, Artificial Intelligence

Chuck Martel, Chatauqua

Dayton Peace Museum

John, Charles, James, Orville and Wilbur

Neil Webster, WWII Operations

Roger Brucker, The Longest Cave

Neil Webster, Barcelona

Bob Ellefson, The Physics of Some Radiological Medical Treatments

Bryan Stewart, Creating Pipelines for In-demand Careers in the Miami Valley

Bob Bowman, Role of Monsanto in the Manhatten Project, WWII

Neil Webster, Citizens Motorcar Co.

Neil Webster, Nordoff and Hall

September, Cut Off One Foot

Doug Stuart, Hull Environmental

Karl Ayers, Lincoln Photography

Karl Ayers & Mike Browne, Math Computations and Devices

The History of Monsanto in Dayton, Robert Bowman

Drug Courts, Scott Van Der Karr

Education Discussion, Mike Brown

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