The Engineers Club of Dayton

Barn Gang

In 1914, colleagues Colonel Edward A. Deeds and Charles F. Kettering were highly regarded in the scientific and engineering world for their passion and forward thinking. Both were members of a group known as the Barn Gang — creative thinkers who shared camaraderie and ideas as a gathering in an old barn on Deeds property.

Engineers Club Barn Gang

At the time, they realized that Dayton was among the leading industrial cities in the United States due to the various highly-skilled engineers and technicians working in the city. So on February 20, 1914, Colonel Deeds called together a handful of key engineers and proposed to them the idea of establishing an Engineers Club of Dayton.

Weekly Schedule

Continuing in the tradition of our forefathers, the Engineers Club continues to educate on the latest technologies and processes. The Barn Gang is still meeting for luncheon presentations, designed to enlighten and inspire.

The group meets every Tuesday afternoon and an updated listing of presenters are shown on our Events Calendar. Lunch is served at 11:15 a.m., and the scheduled educational presentation begins at noon.

You are encouraged to  ask questions and bring guests that may be interested in joining our Club, and the Barn Gang.

Previous Barn Gang Luncheons Include:

The sample videos below will allow a two-minute glimpse of each Barn Gang speaker to better illustrate what the weekly event is like. Complete videos are available in our Member’s Video section, available by clicking the links below.

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Members can click the links below, enter their passwords to go to the uncut videos.

Space X, featuring Jerry Black
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The Lincoln Highway, Neil Webster
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Isotope Enrichment,
Bob Ellefson
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Voice of America,
featuring Lee Hite

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